Ye Gods! - 6 Player Box Set

Ye Gods! - 6 Player Box Set

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A storm is brewing on the cloudy top of Mount Olympus, home of the gods, and mortals glance up its woody heights in fear. Zeus, the leader of the gods, has demanded the presence of the most capricious, glamourous and unpredictable of the deities at a mysterious dinner party. Intrigue, passions and jealousies abound. Ye Gods! They are an evil bunch!


Zeus is the king of all the gods on Olympus and is also called the Cloud Gatherer. He is irresistible to women and has fathered many of the other gods including Athena , Apollo and Aphrodite. Not all of these were with his long-suffering wife, the queen of the gods, Hera. 

Hera is an imposing and glamorous woman and is very powerful, she is the queen of the gods and the long-suffering wife of Zeus. Hebe One of Zeus's daughters by Hera, Hebe is officially the goddess of cleaning. She is also known as the cupbearer to the gods. She is like all goddesses beautiful but unlike other goddesses, she is actually pleasant, calm and loyal.

Athena is Zeus's favourite daughter. She is the goddess of wisdom and strategy and has a cold beauty and diamond-bright intelligence about her.

Poseidon is the lord of the seas and the "earth-shaker” god of earthquakes. He is Zeus's brother and his second in command but is wilder and less charming than his brother.

Aphrodite is the beautiful goddess of love and desire. Shame she's married to old Hephaestus – not that that gets in the way of her affairs! This is no dumb blonde. 

Ares is the god of war and the son of Zeus and Hera. He is hot-headed and passionate and can easily be persuaded to change sides by anyone.Let's just say he isn't the brightest tool in the box.