* NEW* Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder - 4 Player Downloadable
* NEW* Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder - 4 Player Downloadable

* NEW* Have Yourself A Merry Little Murder - 4 Player Downloadable

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The Christmas sweater making elite are snowed in at Merry Mansion, home to the Merry dynasty, owners of Merry Christmas Sweaters Ltd (Christmas Sweater Makers To the Stars). It has been a good year for the business, despite the unfortunate sacking of second child George on the grounds of fraud. The celebrations are in full swing when they realise that they are snowed in. Not only that but in the midst of the atmosphere of creativity and Christmas, George Merry is discovered, murdered! It must be one of the party, but which one has motive enough to commit a Merry Little Murder?


Nic Merry
Nic Merry is the responsible oldest child and main heir to the Merry Christmas Sweaters fortune. Nic runs the business but has recently been involving romantic partner, Jo, who insists that they have creative flair! It’s not clear if Nic has forgiven their sibling George for a serious fraud that took millions out of the business last year.

Jo Snow
A flighty designer and the romantic partner of Nic Merry. Jo believes that it is their creativity alone that has turned around the company in the last two years but in fact most of Jo’s designs are the ones that aren’t selling, and it’s not actually their job! They are passionate and a little eccentric but would they be able to commit murder?

Karol Bell
The debonair Creative Director of Merry Christmas Sweaters (Christmas Sweater Makers to the Stars) and responsible for many of their most popular designs. Karol has been complaining to everyone who will listen that Jo is taking over the Creative Director role from them and it’s not going down well. But is Karol complaining a little too loudly? Could there be a motive behind all that complaining - and could it lead to murder?

Charlie Crackers
Charlie has been at Nic’s right hand since they met at school. The most important thing for them has always been to keep a clear understanding of where the money is flowing through the business and making sure it’s not being wasted. But some say they push it too far. Could money really lead to murder?