How to play

What makes us different?

  • No improvisation - our games are scripted so you don't have to be a great actor, just a great sleuth!
  • Hosts play properly too - with other games, as a host you know who the murderer is. Because ours is scripted, you have no idea! You can be the murderer. More to work out!
  • Our games are a bit silly - there are terrible puns, knowing winks and plenty of silly jokes. It all makes for a more amusing evening. 

What's in a WhoDunnit Dinners kit?

Our products come with all the printed materials you need to make your evening go with a swing.

And should you decide to buy one of our virtual murder mystery games our downloadable version come as a handy zip file with everything ready for print.

Whodunnit Dinners murder mystery box

Each murder mystery kit includes:-

  • Invites and envelopes
  • Host notes - including menu suggestions
  • A script for every player
  • Place names
  • Secret clues to be given to specific characters
  • Accusation cards on which to write down your guess as to the murderer - to avoid any cheating!

If you purchase a downloadable you get all of the above, plus a guide on how to print out the documents correctly.


And you can always email us at if you have any problems or questions!