Which dressing up theme suits your personality? 

So you’re not sure which murder mystery party your friends would enjoy? Have them take an official  Myers-Briggs 16-type personality test and see what comes back! Then check below for each type’s most suitable fancy dress. It might surprise you...





Architect (INTJ)

Love learning 

Weird or little-known historical figure

                                  Brunel, Ethelred the Unready, Sei Shōnagon, Ibn Battuta 

Logician (INTP)

Wonder about bold and hypothetical situations

Dystopian big thinker 

Katniss Everdeen, Mad Max, Winston Smith

Commander (ENTJ):

Strong opinions 

Judge and jury 

Judge or barrister, Simon Cowell, Ru Paul

Debater (ENTP)

Disagree with pretty much anything and love doing the unexpected

Totally off-topic

Example - for Halloween - your best friend, Mary Berry, the Pope 

Advocate (INFJ): 

Avid readers 

Fictional Character

Agatha Christie, Alice in Wonderland, Jay Gatsby, Ali Baba

Mediator (INFP)

Most likely to say they believe in magic: dreamy and creative 

Magical Creature

Any witch, wizard,  fairy, unicorn 

Protagonist (ENFJ)

Have a lighthearted, fun-loving side;  love singing and dancing

Music star 

Adele, Beyoncé, George Michael, Lady Gaga, Dave

Campaigner (ENFP):

Dream big, aiming to be the best and do it all 

Your Future Self

Anything ambitious: astrologist, astronomer, rock star, billionaire, eco warrior

Logistician (ISTJ): 

The personality type least likely to express an interest in dressing up


Embrace the clothes, hairstyle and accessories that you are best known for

Defender (ISFJ)

Usually busy in the background; they crave the limelight


Any well known king, queen, princess, prince

Executive (ESTJ)

Value clarity and precision

Classic costume that speaks for itself

Ghost, policeman, vicar 

Consul (ESFJ)

Talent for bringing people together, with a nostalgic side 

Performer from a band or show or part of a popular trend from a specific era 

Spice Girl, 70s hippy, 20s flapper, party girl

Virtuoso (ISTP):

A strong independent streak 

Multi-talented mavericks

Indiana Jones, James Bond, any superhero

Adventurer (ISFP)

Creative, innovative and artistic

Living Art

Something inspired by art like Munch’s The Scream, Frieda Kahlo or one of Gaugin’s Tahitian beauties  

Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Like taking risks

Extreme Athlete

Skateboarder, skier or some other kind of extreme sportsperson

Entertainer (ESFP)

Full of glamour and style 

Classic Hollywood Star

A class model or starlet like Marilyn Monroe or suave hero such as James Bond,  or Denzel Washinton 

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