How To Host A Teen Party In Lockdown

Lockdown seems to be looming again. But if you're like me, you have a teenager who is desperate for a birthday celebration. You might be planning an incredible event - but if the government changes their mind about how many people can meet you may find options extremely restricted. And having two friends over for scrabble just isn't going to cut it. 

Fear not! WhoDunnit Dinners has your back.


Instead of setting everyone up with a lonely cupcake and a quiz on Zoom why not choose one of our teen-friendly murder mystery games. We have games for groups from 4 up to 13 players.

Your little darlings can dress up as flappers, vampires, superheroes, whatever takes their fancy!


Here's our 5 step guide to an awesome teen lockdown party!

  1. Buy a downloadable game and email out the invitations and scripts. 
  2. Create a "game pack" wth everything printed and ready, but with some fancy dress items to help the friends look the party - domino masks, feathers and beads, creepy masks and of course the food for the party.
  3. Make a Spotify play list to get everyone in the mood
  4. Don't forget to create your game on Zoom or Google Hangouts! And invite the party kids.
  5. Let the fun commence - and don't forget to take photos!

And remember if you can't find a game your kids want to play you can email us to see if we can rewrite one of our other games to suit your requirements.

You can set up the game at a moments' notice and save the day. 

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