Easy Spooky Cupcakes for Spectre at the Feast

If you're in a macabre mood and playing our 'Spectre at the Feast' Halloween themed game, you may be looking for a dessert that's super easy.

Look no further!

Essentially you can choose any cupcake recipe you like (or even buy them ready-made - how truly evil!) but it's all in the decoration. The only bit of kit you will need is a piping bag, but they are easily picked up in supermarkets or online. The background is dark chocolate, with the 'web' effect created by piping four white chocolate circles on top, then teasing them into a spidery web pattern. 

1) If the cupcakes are humped, cut the tops off so they are flat. 
2) Melt dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl that is balanced over a pan of a small amount of boiling water. Don't let the bowl touch the water!
3) Carefully spoon the melted chocolate on the cupcakes, spreading gently with the back of the spoon right to the edge. 
4) Now repeat the chocolate melting - this time for white chocolate. 
5) Start by piping a white circle - a circle perimeter not a blob! - into the centre of the cupcake. Now pipe a slightly bigger circle around it. Then another slightly bigger circle around that one. If you have space, go for one more circle so there are four altogether. 
6) With a toothpick or bamboo skewer, place the sharp tip in the centre of the cupcake and draw it slowly outwards towards the edge in a straight line, dragging the white chocolate gently with you. Repeat about seven times. The effect you create should be of a beautiful cobweb! 

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