DIY Superhero costumes to DIE for!

You’ve been invited to a Superhero-themed Halloween event, or a murder mystery dinner party like our amazing ‘Murder in the League of Supergirls’. Lucky you! 


You are running low on cash, time and inspiration. Instead of excitement you are filled with unholy dread. Never fear! WhoDunnit Dinners is here to save the day with DIY costumes to DIE FOR! 

Level 1 (No money and no time)

Honestly, all you need to be a basic superhero is a cape and an eye mask. Surely you can find a bit of shiny cloth or material and a safety pin around the house to fashion a cape for yourself? Got an eyebrow pencil? Draw on your eye mask. Dress yourself all in black (a black ladies’ swimming costume and black tights are effective if you’re feeling brave.) Go one better and make your own superhero logo out of card or material and attach it to your chest with tape or safety pins. BOOM! You are ready to fight crime! 

Level 2 (You have an hour or so and/or a bit of money to spend)

To really bring the superhero vibes you need a bit of body armour. 

Buy/find some shiny yellow/red/blue/gold A4 card, fold it in a tubular shape around your lower arms and calves and tape it up, to create arm and leg armour. Make yourself a shiny head band while you are at it. Add a utility belt using a strip of black or shiny card, with gaffer tape to hold on any weapons you have lying around. Noone will mess with you now. 

Level 3 (Time and money may be required)

If you really want to look like a specific superhero you are going to have to try a little harder. How hard will depend on what you already have in your wardrobe, and whether you have time or money to get the other bits you need from elsewhere. 

Wonder Woman vibes: red cape, red t-shirt, blue tutu, and red welly boots. Make a gold headband and use some gold card around your lower arms for body armour. (See Level 2) 

Batgirl look: basically an all-black outfit. You can wear any one of the following combinations: black leggings or tights, tall black boots or high heels, black mini-skirt, t-shirt or tank top. Add a black mask for the eyes and cut out a yellow bat from material or card and attach it to your top with tape or safety pins. 

Black Widow-esque: tight black leather trousers and jacket, black gloves and a gun

Superman-style: blue tights, red shorts on top, either a red cape or a man's white shirt over a blue t-shirt and oversized black-rimmed glasses (think Clark Kent). You’ll need to create the red and yellow Superman S to pin on your blue t-shirt. 

Hawkeye-like: tight black trousers, black t-shirt, black wrist bands (see Level 2), black sunglasses and a crossbow 

The Incredibles-inspired: red trousers and shirt, black gloves, black belt, and black shoes or boots. Make a yellow and black ‘Incredibles’ symbol from yellow and black felt, foam or craft paper, and stick to the front of the shirt. Make a black eye mask by drawing it around your eyes with eyebrow pencil or cutting one from craft paper and tying it on with string or elastic.


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