A winter wedding - weigh up two fabulous options

Winter Wedding Pic - Cute cake topper couple

Yes, we know summer is the traditional wedding season. But before you go for the obvious hot weather wedding, let's suggest you consider two months that actually have a lot going for them: December and February. 

First of all: why consider the winter season at all? Here are some great reasons why: 

1. There's no mystery about where you'll spend most of your time on the wedding day. When it's a summer wedding, you can have a lot of anxiety around what the weather will hold. Photos inside or out? Should you risk drinks in the garden? When it's a winter wedding you can plan for most things to happen indoors, which takes away that weather forecast obsession in the run up to the big day. 

2. You can plan for a glamorous coat or faux fur cover up because you know you'll need it. See point 1: it takes away the reliance on good weather so you can relax on the day. 

3. Is it a problem that the nights are longer and the days are shorter? Heck no! In one word: sparkly. Twinkly fairy lights and candles always create a gorgeous atmosphere, without too much cost, and in the winter you can really go to town. 

4. Cheaper, more accessible venues. Its not uncommon to wait literally years for a venue you love to be available in the summer months. You'll find the place of your dreams much more readily available in the winter. 

So now you've been sold on the winter wedding idea, let's explore the options. In our opinion, January is just too depressing. Everyone is short of money after Christmas and are partied out, so it would take quite a special gig to get everyone in the mood to celebrate. 

So really, your choices are December and February.


Cheap, classy decorations: seasonal flowers and decor may be already there for you because most venues will have floral arrangements in place for Christmas. If not you can use greenery and pine cone place card holders for a cheap and classy option. 

Ride the party spirit: everyone will have a Christmas party dress at the ready and will be keen to get on the dance floor in December, so the mood will be good to go!


Viva Valentine's Day! In years to come, you'll be scratching your head as to how to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's great for teenagers and new couples but later on it just feels commercialised and forced. So many married couples decide it's not for them any more. Whereas if it's your special anniversary, it's a personal and special day that you can share for real. 

Hen night  in December! This is the best reason of all in our opinion to have a winter wedding. December is a GREAT month for a hen night! Mulled wine, hot tub, sparklers... and a night playing one of our amazing all-girl murder mystery dinner parties such as Murder in the League of Supergirls, Down-at-Heel Abbey or Killer Queens. 

Winter wedding...? You're welcome! We hope our invitation is in the post!

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