5 tips for enjoying Valentine's Day in Lockdown

Valentine's Day is just round the corner and love deserves to have its day! But we're in lockdown so what now? Here are our top 5 ideas for a Valentine's Day celebration in style.
Hand holding origami heart for Valentine's Day1. Have a spa day 
Set aside an hour or more for some quality bathing and do it in style. Get prepared with fresh towels, a good body brush and fragrant body oils. Make sure you have purchased some good magazines and have a mediation spa playlist on spotify. After scrubbing yourself in the shower, indulge in a hot bath surrounded by candles. Then lie back and listen to the sound of chimes from the calm of your sofa, or even better, a sun bed. Indulge in a pair, in a group or go solo. Love is in the air. 
2. Prepare aphrodisiac delights 
Oysters to start, (dopamine really does increase desire), avocado, asparagus and pine nuts  - plus hot chillies that stimulate the nerve endings on the tongue and increase the heart rate - in the main course. Then strawberries and figs dipped in chocolate for dessert. You know you want to. 
3. Let music be the food of love
You know the old mix tapes we used to make back in the 80s for our loved ones? All the time and effort we took to choose all the songs that meant the most to us? Recreate that gesture by building your own Spotify playlist and sharing the songs that mean something to you both with your loved one - and if they're not with you, it's something you can enjoy apart. 
4. Cute Cameo
Paying for a personal message from a celebrity  is currently very popular but can be expensive. However, on the Cameo website, a personalised message from a range of cool animals is much more affordable. Puggie Smalls, Louie the cat and the pygmy goats are all there for a small fee to send your message of deep love to your special someone, and make them smile. 
5. Play a Whodunnit Dinners Murder Mystery!
My Deadly Valentine is a 1920s classicmurder mystery and can be played by as few as four over Zoom. Dress up and enjoy! 
Make it a night to remember! 
Image Credit: Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

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