5 Simple Hen Night Ideas

Did you know that searches for hen night ideas are at their highest peak since October? Did you also know that some of our best-selling murder mystery games are designed for hen nights? So hen nights are very close to our heart.

Here are 5 simple (affordable) ideas to make your hen night fun and spoil the bride- to-be rotten!

Hen Night Idea 1 - Photo Frenzy

Ask all the hens to email or send you pics of themselves and the bride-to-be through the years. Make sure you get some from her family too so that you can embarass her with baby pics. Then make them into an album using a digital photo service or an old style album from a pound store! She'll treasure the memories.

Hen Night Idea 2 - Secret Santa

So this works very well for Christmas time, but can work any time. Each hen has to bring a gift with a price limit - keep it low so everyone can afford it. The gift is given to the hen anonymously and she has to guess who gave it to her and why. It's fun and gets you all playing games!

Hen Night Idea 3 - Mr and Mrs

Compile a quiz for the groom to fill in (or perhaps answer over a pint of beer when we are back together!) The questions should be about special moments they have shared, and things he ought to know by now! For example, ask how they met, what her favourite band or book is and perhaps also extend to her favourite position! At the hen party you can ask her the same questions and see if her answers match his. Great fun and quite revealing.

Hen Night Idea 4 - Pamper party

You might not be able to make it to a spa but you can do your own pamper party at home or in an air bnb. Buy a special dressing gown and slippers and even pyjamas for the bride to be. If you want to go the whole hog get a set for the guests too. Then bring in at home treatments to choose from - face-masks, nail varnish, at home gel nail kits moisturisers and so on. No need to get anyone in from outside.

Hen Night Idea 5 - Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Obviously we think this is a great idea - but let me tell you why: 

  • everything can be done from the comfort of your home
  • people who can't be there in person can attend via Zoom
  • you all get dressed up and have a brilliant laugh
  • it's done around a meal (and we provide the recipes you need in our Host Notes)
  • murder mystery dinners are a great ice-breaker for a group that doesn't know each other particularly well
  • it's good to plan one night in so that everyone can either settle or recover!

So those are our 5 simple hen night ideas. We hope you found something you'd like to do. Why not check out our collection of hen night games? And happy planning!

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


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