The Thai Who Rubbed Me - 8 Player Downloadable

The Thai Who Rubbed Me - 8 Player Downloadable

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ClubTropic Karma on the island of Koh Fun, southern Thailand, is a new luxury dive and spa destination owned by British property magnate Rich Long. Eight guests gathering the Beachview bar in the early evening; each has received an anonymous invitation. That morning the body of Bang, the hotel masseur has been found on the beach.  She was discovered by hotel staff at 6 am, but no alarm was sounded or police called. Two half-finished cocktails were near the body, along with a mysterious symbol drawn in the sand. As the last to leave the bar the previous night, all eight guests are suspects. One is a murderer. At Club Tropic Karma, drinks may be free but they come at a price…


Richard Long
Property developer and hotel owner. What would he do to protect the reputation of his very expensive luxury destination?

Lie Long
Thai wife of Rich Long and cookery teacher. But can she cook up a murder?

Bruno Mann
Enthusiastic but hen-pecked British tourist. Is all the enthusiasm a front for a murderous character?

Mona Mann
Wife of Bruno, fussy, suburban gossip. What secrets is she keeping? Or perhaps can't keep...

Bjorn Aftersonn
Swedish eco-warrior and café owner. He seems like a nice guy but nice guys aren't always what they seem...

Lindsay Lotan
Young American backpacker. All teeth and excitement. But what is he hiding?

Justin Muffe
Local Australian dive instructor

Terri Valentine
Spurned and glamorous expat wife. Is she bitter? What might make her feel better? Or would she kill for a massage?