Spectre at the Feast - 6 Player

Spectre at the Feast - 6 Player

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It’s Halloween, and the Council of Doom is celebrating another year of truly evil acts with a party at Vill Spectre’s lavish mansion in Doom Heights. But trouble is brewing. While they all raise a glass to 12 months of wonderful wickedness, the guests know that one of their board has done the unspeakable and performed a good deed – transforming Wilf Wolf, manager of the Doom werewolf training facility, back into human form and freeing him from his lycanthrope shackles. How could any of them even think of undoing so much evil progress? Whoever it was, they must be banished from Doom immediately and face the horrific consequences. Are you prepared for the terror of Spectre at the Feast?

Vill Spectre
A ghost, Leader of the Council of Doom and fabulously rich property magnate, he has charge of who stays and who goes in the exclusive community of Doom. Vill is a lady’s man, lives the good life and likes to make a girl feel good about herself.

Miss Cerrie Cat-Owner
A sexy witch with a heart of darkness, Miss Cerrie Cat-Owner is no stranger to celebrity. She has been on the front page of the Doom Gazette more times than she cares to remember not only for her highly successful celebrity spell business, but also for her antics at local nightclub "The Asylum” . Lately, there have been rumours she has been using her magic spells for something other than evil.

Bony M Rickets
Bony is a senior and distinguished skeleton. He runs the town library and is a world authority on almost everything. He is has a PHD in Fear with a specialism in the Ancient Art of Scaring people to Death. As the secretary of the Council of Doom he prides himself on the very accurate records he has kept for the last 4 centuries.

Pussy a black cat and is Miss Cerrie Cat-Owner’s best friend and partner in her spell business. She is very much in the background and appears to be totally devoted to her colleague, but it’s whispered that she wears the trousers and calls the shots.

The Count
The Count is a vampire who strikes more fear into human hearts than any other member of the Council of Doom. He runs an internationally renowned dentistry practice for Doom inhabitants and those unlucky mortals who stray into the community. He doesn’t get much return business but he can give you a lovely new set of fangs.

The Countess
The Count and Countess have been married now for 4 millennia but no one understands how or why, when his taste for blood constrasts so sharply with her love of root vegetables. The Countess is a scientist and a vegetarian which doesn’t seem to work too well with her vampire status.