The Spy Who Came In With A Cold - 6 Player Downloadable
The Spy Who Came In With A Cold - 6 Player Downloadable
The Spy Who Came In With A Cold - 6 Player Downloadable

The Spy Who Came In With A Cold - 6 Player Downloadable

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Every year the most dangerous and renowned spies from all over the world come together for New Year’s Eve with a complete amnesty on spying, killing and other nefarious activity. They spend the weekend relaxing and having fun, knowing that all their arch-enemies are all in the same place! This year the gathering is at Jim Pond’s mansion ski lodge in the alps. After a day on the slopes Jim returns early with leaving a message that he feels like he is coming down with a cold and will see them at dinner.

When Jim fails to appear for pre-dinner drinks the spies realise something has gone terribly wrong - Jim Pond is dead! Who has broken the amnesty? Are you now in danger? And what is the reason for the terrible death of The Spy Who Came In With A Cold?


Billy Ponsenby-Smythe
Billy is an old school mate of Jim’s from WindsorSchool. Jim was Bill’s fag, doing all kinds of jobs for him in exchange for Bill's protection and some privileges too. Later, Bill was Jim’s handler at M15. Bill says he counts Jim amongst his oldest friends, but can you bet onthat?

Ivana Killya
Mysterious and glamorous Russian spy who has a bit of a problem with depression. An elite Russian assassin Ivana learned her trade under the old Soviet Union, she’s the best of the best. However, there are rumours that she is disenchanted with the business.

George Spysingly II
George is a top agent in the CIA, sworn enemy of La Cucuracha and a fierce patriot. He is a real Southern gentleman, hailing from Texas and with all the Texan charm. But could he commit murder to protect the Land of the Free?

La Cucuracha
Nobody knows La Cucuracha’s real name, but the rumour is she might kill you if you found out. This feisty and flamboyant South American beauty is the ultimate double agent – is she CIA, MI5, Mossad? Who knows, but would she kill to protect her enigmatic status?

Gaston Renard
The dapper French agent has a reputation as the ultimate hard man. He is ex-French Foreign Legion and super cool under pressure. And yet there are rumblings that perhaps he is losing his edge. Could there be a motive for murder behind this mysterious change?

Ly-Kee Mee
Glamorous but deadly Chinese secret agent who finds all kinds of incredibly difficult skills simple. It is rumoured that she and Jim were lovers, but no one knows how he survived this long if they were.