What to do for a great teenage birthday?


Teenagers are in that odd in-between age in more ways than one. Things they used to find fun and exciting have become "boooring" or uncool in ways you just can't fathom. But they aren't old enough to have the more casual adult style parties where people just turn up, chat and drink. What what can yo do for a great teenage party? Here are our top 4 ideas for what to do for a great teenage birthday.

Teenage party idea 1 - Horror slumber party

The old slumber party is still sort of fun but perhaps it feels childish to your teen. However, hosting a slumber party with a horror film at the centre of it will add a more grown-up edge which will make it acceptable! Just make sure that the parents are ok and choose the film carefully. Dial down the gore for younger teens and remember, they scare more easily than you think!

Teenage party idea 2 - Activity party

Put the focus on doing something together - perhaps bowling, an assault course or going to the cinema. It makes teens feel like they are more independent, but gives them something to do as a focus.

A carved pumpkin

Teenage party idea 3 - Craft party

If you have younger teen girls then this might be the perfect party but you could definitely extend up the age range and cross genders depending on what your kids enjoy. Set up stations with different activities such as jewellery making, pottery painting, maybe even simple cooking and have them circulate.

You can theme this one too, if it's close to Halloween then carve pumpkins and make biscuits. Close to Christmas? Make decorations. Think creatively!

Teenage party idea 4 - Murder Mystery Dinner

Following the theme of providing teens with something to focus on and do, but still wanting to create a sense of occasion and adult experience, a murder mystery party is the perfect solution. Choose a game written with teens in mind and think about the group who is coming. A bunch of drama kids will love dressing up and costume, while a more shy group or a cool group might prefer a theme that let's them come in party dresses. 

WhoDunnit Dinners has a whole section of games for teens that hit the spot on costume and glamour. 

We hope these ideas have 

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