What is a murder mystery dinner party kit?

You know you want a special party with food and friends. You've heard that dressing up as characters and guessing who has commited a murder is a great night in (it is). But when you google 'murder mystery dinner party', you get so many options it sets your head spinning. If this is you, lets take the mystery out of murder mystery dinner party kits!

1. Instructions

Something you get with every murder mystery kit is guidance for the hosts. This might be called 'How to Host' or 'Host notes' or 'Guide to Hosting' or something like that. Read that first. It will tell you everything you need to know about the format you have chosen. In some Host Notes (like ours) you'll get useful things like recipes, background music advice and how to decorate the room to build the atmosphere. 

Murder in the League of Supergirls Party2. Character information 

These might be 'invitations' or cards to give to your guests in advance. This allows them to dress up and throw themselves into character. Sometimes the dress code for each character is separate from the invitations. 

3. Evidence or secret clues

In some murder mystery dinner party kits, all the evidence is revealed during the game but sometimes it is presented separately. In addition you will sometimes get additional information given to specific people in the form of 'secret clues'. 

4. Scripts

Whether there is a script or not makes a big difference. Some murder mystery kits contain them and some don't. If you want to use clues and solve a crime free style, choose a game without a script. At WhodunnitDinners the crime is explained and solved all within the script. We have found that this takes the pressure off your guests to be creative and they can just enjoy their evening!

5. Voting or accusation cards

Most murder mystery kits will include a format for you to submit your nomination for the murderer before the truth is revealed. 

6. Audio files

Not all kits will contain audio guides or DVDs. These are usually pre-recorded messages from a detective which sets the scene or gives the key evidence. Our kits don't inlcude audio files because in our experience technology can often let you down and it's stressful. The sound production on these files can be quite basic, so it can also ruin the mood rather than enhance it! 

There are many different types of murder mystery dinner party kit, but we hope we've kitted you out with some of the information you need to make a choice! 



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