Top Tips For Christmas Zoom Games

table laid with WhoDunnit Game

We may be apart, but we can still get together online. And here are some great recommendations courtesy of WhoDunnit Dinners.

 1. Download a Zoom Murder Mystery from WhoDunnit Dinners

Did you really expect us to say anything else? But seriously...choose one with a script, emailable invites and where everyone has the chance to work out who the murderer is.

Avoid any games that require adlibbing or secret conversations - how are you going to do that on Zoom?

Our games are perfect for Zoom, Teams or any other platform. And they come with a bespoke Zoom background, so you can dream that you really are on the slopes of Switzerland, or in a 1970s nightclub!

2. Play Pictionary online!

This is a fantastic site that let's you play Pictionary together. It's hilarious shouting at the screen and it's easy for everyone to do and to understand.

Create your teams, prepare the words you want to and make sure they are ones everyone in the group should know! And off you go.

3. Create a quiz

You don't need any fancy software or complicated programming. Decide on a quiz master and simply prepare you quiz answers to read out. If you like you can use a simple powerpoint, and why not try the following rounds:-

Whom on Zoom? - Show screengrabs of people on Zoom but cut them out or cover them over with an image. Can anyone guess who it is just from the background?

WhatsUp? - Random comments made over Whatsapp this year, or pictures sent!

Covid-balls - Search Google for news headlines about Covid. The more ridiculous or extreme the better, and get people to guess which famous person said them.

We hope you have a very jolly Christmas! And enjoy some fun times online during the festive season!

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