Top Cheap Hen Night Ideas

What do you do when you want to give the bride the best send-off possible, but you don't want costs to spiral out of control? Fear not, for we have 5 great tips for hosting a hen night that will make her dreams come true, but won't break the bank!

Tip 1 - Set a budget

Sounds obvious doesn't it? Setting a budget means you will have a defined limit of spending, and yes, you might go over it, but when you do there will be guilt! It keeps in check the little costs here and there that don't seem too harsh at the time but add up to a costly weekend or evening. 

Defining the limit of your spending will ensure you don't have a super expensive surprise.

Tip 2 - Spend the night in

Whether you are going away for the weekend or arranging one night with the bride-to-be's besties, spending the night in instead of out will definitely keep the costs down. Buy drink from the shop, cook your own meal together, work out some silly games and dress up or hire a film. Doing any of these at home will be much cheaper than going out. You can even control your playlist so that your friend gets exactly what she wants! 

If your bride just can't bear staying in then how about staying in for dinner or drinks and going out afterwards? 

Tip 3 - Make some gifts yourself

There are lots of really beautiful and touching homemade gift ideas for hen nights that won't break the bank and will leave a smile on her face. For example, each one of your guests cam bring 3 photos of themselves with the bride-to-be in times past and you can get hold of some other fun photos from her family to go in a personal photo album. Another idea is that you buy a white photo frame, draw a line drawing of a vase and then use the thumbprint of every person attending to create the flowers with personalised messages of support and love. Check out some more ideas here

Tip 4 - Pitch your tent

If your bride-to-be is set on going away somewhere then why not go camping? Borrow as much of the equipment as you can and set off for a fun weekend by the sea or in the countryside. Make sure to research if there are showers and electricity at the site just in case you decide to head into town for a night of fun.

Tip 5 - DIY the Decor

You can spend a lot of money buying specific hen night sashes, badges, balloons and signs to decorate your table, house or the bride-to-be herself! But you can just as easily, and more cheaply, make the decorations yourself. Buy some balloons that go with your overall color scheme and use a Sharpie to draw funny messages on them. Buy some ribbon, staple it together at the ends and write on it in felt tip and glitter glue. Buy some flowers from the supermarket. Grab some silly hats, scarves, feather boas and glasses as props for a selfie station or label up some bottles with brown labels and a gold marker from your local stationers.

The detail of your idea is what will create the joy, not the cost you spent on it.

And above all, have fun!  And remember that WhoDunnit Dinners does some fantastic hen night games you can play that won't break the bank!

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