Top 5 Alternative Valentine's Day Ideas

Not everyone wants to spend their Valentine's day all loved up a deux. If that's you then read on for our top five alternative Valentine's Day ideas...

  1. Host a clothes swap and friend spa
    Get all your single friends to come over with clothes and shoes they don't want anymore and bring their best hand lotion and nail polish and treat each other to new clothes for free and new manicures. Put on some music, pour out some drinks and have a brilliant evening.
  2. Anti-Valentine's Film Night
    Go out on your own or with friends and watch the least Valentine's film you can find! For 2020 that might include Birds of Prey, Dolittle or The Turning
  3. Games Night
    Get your buddies around and play board games. The most fun you can have with your clothes on!
  4. Host a murder mystery dinner party
    Come on - we obviously think it's a great idea to do that! But which one? Why not try My Deadly Valentine? Or if you have a group of all girls then try one of our hen night/all girl games like Murder In The League of Supergirls.
  5. Treat yourself night in
    Order a pizza, choose your favorite Netflix boxset, eat what you like, watch what you like, enjoy some quiet time.

So there you are - top alternative Valentine's Day ideas. Why not share yours too in our comments section below? 

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