Ten Top Tips for Hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner

It's pretty straight forward to host a murder mystery dinner party, but if you have never done it there are some useful points to remember...

  1. Decide who you would like to come to dinner - Will they play the game? What eras do they love? Answering these questions will help you to choose your game.
  2. Choose you type of game - it might be one where you improvise, it might be one where you know you are the murderer, or like our games one where you don't. What is right for your group? Are they great actors or just want some fun, if so you should probably choose a game that has everything scripted for you, like our WhoDunnit Dinners games do.
  3. Choose your story - is it a period game or a modern? Silly or serious?
  4. Buy or download your game
  5. Read through the guidance notes and choose who will play which parts in your game. Remember some people are more bashful than others so be kind when you choose!
  6. Send out your invitations and confirm who is coming
  7. Use the menu suggestions in your game to prepare for your dinner, buy the food drinks etc
  8. Get your costume ready - there are lots of suggestions on YouTube for easy to make accessories and outfits
  9. Set the scene - On the night of the party you might want to decorate your table and even your house. What music will you choose? Why not search for period music that matches the mood?
  10. Welcome your guests and enjoy yourself!
We hope you have a murderously good evening!

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