Lock Down Freebie - 4 Player Game

Yes, because of Covid19 we are on lock down, and it's crazy. Whether you have been locked in for weeks or just days it's hard hanging out with your family with nothing to do.

So, we put our heads together at WhoDunnit Dinners and came up with a small offering we hope will make at least one of your evenings more fun!

We have adapted one of our larger player games into a 4 player game, based on the thought that there will be quite a few classic families in lock down  - 2 men and 2 women. And we're giving it away free. It's My Deadly Valentine, a game from the roaring 20s, a glittering society pre-wedding breakfast but one of the guests is a murderer.

Apologies to those who are not part of that kind of family unit - but perhaps you can have some fun making it work for your?

And if not, then drop us a line and perhaps we can adapt a game for your family configuration!

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