Get in! 5 ideas for a fun night in with friends

Now that the lockdown is easing we can look forward to a night in with friends again, at last! And whereas before lock down we wouldn't have. 

What are the top activities you can do now that we can be back together again?

Here are 5 ideas for a fun night in with friends.

Playing Poke on a great night in

Idea 1 - Games night

There are so many fun games to play now that we can be back together again. You could get out the classics, like Monopoly and Bridge or host a Poker evening. Or you could go for a retro feel and play some games from childhood like Buckaroo, Go Fish or Game of Life. See what's in your cupboard and get your friends round!

Idea 2 - Mexican Evening

There are so many delicious recipes from Mexico involving meat and vegetarian options, not to mention the Tequlia and beer to accompany your meal. Choosing a food theme is something you could extend to French, Chinese, Japanese or even good old British cuisine and make a meal of it! (sorry...)

Popcorn for film night in

Idea 3 - Film Night

Get your friends round to enjoy a film classic or something you all enjoyed when you were younger. Buddy movies, weepy classics, musicals, horror - this is an idea that works for all your chums. You can make everyone come dressed as a character from the movie and ask each one to bring one of the foods that are eaten in the film.  Sit, drink and chat, with your best favourite film on in the background.

Idea 4 - Host a murder mystery dinner

There are so many choices on our site that we probably couldn't go through them all - but whether you want a 4 player game from the 1920s or a 12 player all girl super hero game we have a great night in for you!

Idea 5 - Cocktail making evening

Yes you could go out to a bar, but you know what? They will all be rammed and you won't make it to the table, let alone ordering that sophisticated cocktail you've been dreaming about. So don't go out, stay in and get yourself a cocktail kit so you and your friends can have a fabulous night together with drinks you actually want, somewhere you can hear yourself think! But do get dressed up...obviously!

Photo credits 

Thanks for the poker photo to Samantha Hurley from Burst  and for the Popcorn photo to  Sarah Pflug from Burst

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