5 Tips For Hosting Your Lockdown Virtual Dinner Party

Staying in is the new going out. (Mainly because we have no choice!) And though we are staying in we still want to enjoy good food and drink with friends. More and more people are hosting virtual dinner parties. So how do you make sure that your party runs smoothly.

Here are our top tips!

  1. Divide the work - If you're going to enjoy the dinner party experience together make sure everyone gets something they enjoy by consulting your guests on the dishes. Each couple or guest can choose a different part of the meal from drinks and snacks through to full courses. 
  2. Choose your location - Think about where you will place your computer or your phone to make the call. You might want to stack up some recipe books to rest it on if you are cooking, or invest in a phone holder so that you can talk without holding your phone or risk it falling down mid-conversation. You can get a great tip for making a mobile phone stand with giant paper clips here.
  3. Create an atmosphere - Lower the lighting, put out the candles yes, but why not also get an appropriate background? Have a meal on the beach, or in space! Check out canva.com to create a free account and download some great fun images and moving backgrounds.
  4. Soundtrack to good times - Create a collaborative playlist. Either make one on Spotify that you can all add suggestions to or have one that is played by the meeting host. Music binds us together.
  5. Dress up - There's a true psychological benefit in dressing up. It helps your brain draw a line between normal every day activities and permission to have fun! So - dig out your best clubbing gear, or your most expensive dress, or your most hilarious fancy dress and enjoy yourself.

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