5 Fabulous Ways To Party Like It's 2021!

There is no mystery whodunnit to 2020. COVID-19, with stealth, arrogance and sheer damned devilry drove a dagger through the heart of everyone's year. However, the victim was 2020; we're still here and refuse to go down with the ship. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Lockdown may be upon us but we're locked and loaded! Prepare to say farewell to 2020 and welcome a bright, shiny 2021 with hope and in style! 
Here are five fabulous tips from the WhoDunnit Dinners team to make your NYE party one to remember. 
Celebrate NYE on Zoom1. Dare to dress up
We've always been big believers in the power of a costume to bring a party alive, and a themed fancy dress party works both in the flesh and on Zoom. But we're not just talking crazy costumes; you can style it out. Dig out the sequins, straighten your tie, work your hair and take your time preparing your best face for the camera. You shall go to the ball, darling! It's amazing how making an effort and looking good can lift your mood.  
2. The power of the playlist
If you're missing the music, plan a great night of the best tunes you know. Even better, create a playlist of songs recommended by all your friends for the particular memories they bring, then share it with them so you can all enjoy it together. If you are playing one of our games, we have music suggestions included in the host notes to bring the atmosphere appropriate for the era. 
3. Mix-it maestro 
Nothing says party better than party beverages. In our host notes that accompany our murder mystery games we suggest drinks to suit the theme of your party. If you're able to get to a charity shop or order second-hand off ebay, find yourself a couple of vintage cocktail glasses to make it even more special. You can make an old-school cocktail shaker from a washed glass jar and lid to shake up the ice with the spirits.  Or add cassis to prosecco for a cheeky change. Whatever you do, use your best glasses and make it feel special. 
4. Laugh loudest 
There is nothing better than a good laugh with your friends about good times you've shared. With a bit of invention you can create some memorable moments: use an app to mash up your friends' faces with celebrities; ask all your friends to give you one little known fact about one of the others in your group and then see who knows everyone best; compete to get an After Eight chocolate from your forehead to your mouth without your hands; play head-to-head karaoke. 
5. Feast and be merry
Even if you're not together, you can share the same food. Prepare a menu in advance and have everyone cook the same dishes. Set up a table in front of the TV and connect your laptop or tablet to the biggest screen in the house so you get maximum benefit. We've found that a Zoom dinner party can work strangely well. Even better if you play a Whodunnit Dinners murder mystery at the same time! 
If we've learned anything this year is that if life gives you lemons, make the best darned lemonade you can. Businesses everywhere have had to adapt to survive. And actually, we've found there have been some surprising benefits to being forced into a corner. At Whodunnit Dinners, we've realised our games can be pretty excellent on Zoom, and we've redesigned some of our materials to make them work even better that way. We've also realised that families enjoy playing a murder mystery, so we've rewritten some of ours to make them 4 player family friendly. 
Whatever you do, enjoy your night and dream big for the year ahead: it's in your hands! 
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