4 Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries we think you'll love!

Get lost in one of her classic murder mystery titles this Spring break! Here are a few of our personal recommendations...

And Then there were None

It's not just the WhoDunnitdinners team that believe this story is one of Agatha Christie's murder mystery masterpieces. Even though it takes a very unusual format, it's still the best selling crime novel of all time. It's set on an island off the coast of England, where ten guests are mysteriously murdered one by one, although international movie adaptations have changed the setting to a mountaintop chalet, the Iranian desert and on an African safari...

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side

Written in 1962, this was the last of Agatha Christie's classic English village murder mysteries. Observing the social changes following the Second World War, Agatha Christie and Miss Marple do what they've always done - solve the mystery through the habits of the people involve and the village they live in. It's  a fascinating exploration of the way relationships can be hidden and murderous!

A Pocket full of Rye

A Pocketful of Rye is one of several Agatha Christie murder mystery stories that take their inspiration from nursery rhymes. She understood how disturbing references to children's stories and play could be, long before the creepy clown came to town. In this 1953 Miss Marple book, a handful of grain is found within the pocket of a murdered businessman. It's in need of a screen adaptation! 

Why didn't they ask Evans?

There's something especially eerie about the title of this story written in 1934, which comes from the words of a dying man, heard on a cliff top. Agatha Christie keeps you guessing right up to the final captivating scenes of this very English murder mystery. And it seems superstar of stage and screen Hugh Laurie agrees with us: he's directing and starring in a three-part series of the story for Britbox due out this month. We can't wait! 

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