3 Ways To Save Money On Your Hen Night

We're all aware of the cost of living increase and one of life's most expensive events is a wedding. And hen nights are a fun and wonderful part of making those wedding memories.

But it's tough to find activities that everyone can afford and you definitely don't want your best friend to have to miss the party because they can't afford to come.

Well, fear not. Here are 5 ways to save money on your hen night.

1. Eat In
It might sound obvious but not going out will definitely reduce the costs of your hen evening. You can aks everyone to bring a bottle and a dish to share. Where a meal and drinks plus dancing will definitely cost you more than £10 you could easily save money on your hen night by setting a £10 limit to spend and still have a really nice meal. And you won't be asked to leave the table at the end of the night!

2. Go on a scavenge hunt
Instead of booking an expensive activity like a dancing or cooking lesson, why not arrange a free scavenger hunt?

Split your group into teams with a designated photographer.

Create a list of fun things to collect - objects, facts about the local area and funny pics of the group perhaps staging a famous scene from a film or with a local well-known statue. 

First group to find everything and bring it back to the organiser is the winner! You could even host a "show and tell" in the evening, another way to save money and hilarious into the bargain.

3. Play a murder mystery game
Murder mystery games are designed to be played over a dinner. So you could combine eating in and having a really fun and funny evening solving a mystery. You can find one that appeals to your group - it could be something based on a favoured time, like the 40s or 20s, or it could be a theme like Halloween or fashion. It's a fun and affordable way to make an evening a bit more special.

By being creative about your activities you can definitely save money on your hen night. 

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