3 Cheap Tips For Hosting Your Murder Mystery Dinner Outside

Tea Lights at a murder mystery dinner partyWith summer in full flood we've been hosting murder mystery dinner parties outside. So what are our top 3 inexpensive tips for making your outdoor dinner party magical?


  1. Lighting - Create a magical mood and enjoy your dinner late into the evening by simply putting tea lights into jam jars or mason jars. If you have battery powered fairy lights that's another great idea to create a cozy glow.
  2. Paper plates and melanine cups - Murder mystery dinners are full of fun and they can get quite silly. Waving your arms around is a recipe for knocking things over, so we strongly recommend investing in some pretty, outdoor friendly plates and glasses. You could even use kids' party paper plates for example superhero themes work very well for Murder in the League of Supergirls.   You'll be thanking us when you knock over that glass of white wine!
  3. Cut flowers and potted plants - Really? Cut flowers in a garden? But yes, it lifts the table decoration, creates a lovely scent in the hot summer evenings and you can theme it to your game for example, for Ye Gods! you could have some cactus plants dotted around and for Murder in the League of Super Girls why not a couple of bunches with tags from "admirers"?

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