13 top tips for a fabulous hen night in!

Most brides dream of a hen night to remember;  what that actually looks like can vary hugely. Some hens head abroad to holiday with their besties, making it a full week of parties and celebrating. Others choose to go large for an evening somewhere local or a city in the UK. But with the cost of living high on the agenda, the case needs to be made for a big night in. We think you can have just as much fun at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t get us wrong: there’s no doubt that having a holiday or weekend organised all around her would make any bride feel really special. However, here at Whodunnit Dinners, Katie and I have always been of the belief that ‘special’ is not just about throwing loads of cash at a situation. It's the thought and personal touches that are most likely to make a hen smile and create the memories. 

Most importantly, even if YOU are happy to chuck a three figure sum at the event, there are bound to be those for whom the cost of living crisis is making decisions much, much harder. Would you rather you had all your friends there, or only the ones who can afford it? 

Having written hen party murder mystery games for over 15 years now, we have heard too many stories of brilliant nights in (and seen the photographic evidence!) not to be won over to the merits of a homegrown event as a fabulous way to celebrate a bride’s big day. So, here are some of our top tips  to make a hen feel special without spending a fortune:

  1. Select someone to get her out of the party house for a few hours and decorate the place with fairy lights, balloons, bunting or a suitable theme. (Check out our murder mystery games for some brilliant theme ideas from the glamour-packed to the wig-tastic.) She might be in on this plan, or you could surprise her!
  2. Build a music playlist for the day or evening that has all the memories of good times together. Print out the lyrics and have a sing along! 
  3. Get her a themed costume ready in advance and dress her up on arrival.
  4. Teach everyone a dance to her favourite song that you perform for her at a key point in the evening. (We see visions of Michael Jackson's Thriller in zombie bride outfits..but maybe that's just us??) 
  5. Order masks using a photo of the bride (or groom) for everyone to wear when she arrives. Disturbing but undeniably flattering...
  6. Depending on the size of the group, chip in to rent a hot tub for the day! If there are ten of you, you could do it for 20 quid each. You’ll need a flat surface outside to put it on. Make sure someone brings her bikini and a towel if you’re surprising her! 
  7. All chip in for her favourite food and nibbles. If you're taking her back to her younger years this could be a range of pick n' mix or a delicious kebab from your favourite local eaterie. Or both!
  8. Get some quality pre mixed cocktails and source some cocktail glasses from charity shops that she can keep later as a memory. We like Barbuoy.
  9. Set up a series of games and challenges. We love Horrible Hens and Don’t Get Got.
  10. Play really silly games that get everyone laughing. We love this one for the random LOLs: Big Potato Chicken versus Hotdog. But there are so many that you can play for virtually no cost at all. (After Eight Game anyone?  Google it and get your camera ready! Or have you ever watched Michael Mcintyre's 'Send to All'.... ? go on!)
  11. Buy the Mr and Mrs game - or make one for yourself by asking the groom some questions in secret in advance and then checking if she can guess what he said. Go as cheeky as you dare and get her properly blushing… message us if you want some question suggestions!
  12. Organise an all-girl murder mystery night. We have some cracking ones that will get the whole group dressed up in brilliant costumes (Supergirls, 1920s ladies of the manor, beauty queens..) and set you up for a night of laughs and photos she will love. Check them out!
  13. Have a pre-party party to organise it all! Watch one of the classic big or small screen wedding themed epics together to get you in the mood! We suggest the movies Bridesmaids, My Best Friends Wedding, Four Weddings and a Funeral or Bachelorette and we love the TV Shows Henpocalypse and Hens Behaving Badly.
Whatever you choose to do - out or in - we hope you and your hens have a fabulous time!

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