The Spy Who Came In with A Cold 6 Player Downloadable

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The Spy Who Came In with A Cold 6 Player Downloadable

Spies, secrets and shocks are in store! Who killed The Spy Who Came In With A Cold?


Billy Ponsenby-Smythe

Billy is an old school mate of Jimís from WindsorSchool. Jim was Billís fag, doing all kinds of jobs for him in exchange forBillís protection and some privileges too. Later, Bill was Jimís handler atM15. Bill says he counts Jim amongst his oldest friends, but can you bet onthat?

Ivana Killya

Mysterious and glamorous Russian spy who has a bitof a problem with depression. Anelite Russian assassin Ivana learnt her trade under the old Soviet Union, sheísthe best of the best. However, there arerumours that she is disenchanted withthe business.

George Spysingly II

George is a top agentin the CIA, sworn enemy of La Cucuracha and a fierce patriot. He is a realSouthern gentleman, hailing from Texas and with all the Texan charm. But couldhe commit murder to protect the Land of the Free?

La Cucuracha

Nobody knows LaCucurachaís real name, but the rumour is she might kill you if you found out.This feisty and flamboyant South American beauty is the ultimate double agent Ėis she CIA, MI5, Mossad? Who knows,but would she kill to protect her enigmatic status?

Gaston Renard

The dapper French agent has a reputation as the ultimate hard man. He isex-French Foreign Legion and super cool under pressure. And yet there are rumblingsthat perhaps he is losing his edge. Could there be a motive for murder behindthis mysterious change?

Ly-Kee Mee

Glamorous but deadlyChinese secret agent who finds all kinds of incredibly difficult skills simple. It is rumoured that she and Jim were lovers,but no one knows how he survived this long if they were.


Let murder commence!