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Planning a hen party with a murder mystery dinner party game

Here at WhoDunnit Dinners we know that many of our customers use our murder mystery dinner party games for their hen nights. It's a great way to have fun, spend time with the whole hen party and not spend too much money!

There are a couple of different ways to plan for your murder mystery dinner if you are running a hen night.

1. Use the game as part of your overall theme
You can use the games to be part of your hen night theme for example if your bride to be loves Downton Abbey and all things 1920s, then choose a 1920s game. Or if you have chosen a super heroes theme then choose a game which reflects that.

2. Use the game for one of the evenings in
If you are having a whole weekend of activities perhaps you could use the murder mystery dinner party as your opening night game. It's relaxing, you don't have to go out but you can get to know the other hens and have a great laugh!

3. Finally, use the game as your hen night
You can of course just use the game as the whole of the hen night. In this case we suggest you choose a game written specifically for a hen party In this way you can know that the hen will be the centre of attention, even if they turn out not to be the murderer!

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