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The Thai Who Rubbed Me 8 Player Downloadable
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ClubTropic Karma on the island of Koh Fun, southern Thailand, is a new luxury diveand spa destination owned by British property magnate Rich Long. Eight guests gatherin the Beachview bar in the early evening; each has received an anonymous invitation.That morning the body of Bang, the hotel masseur has been found on the beach.She was discovered by hotel staff at 6am, but no alarm was sounded or policecalled. Two half-finished cocktails were near the body, along with a mysterioussymbol drawn in the sand. As the last to leave the bar the previous night, alleight guests are suspects. One is a murderer. At Club Tropic Karma, drinks maybe free but they come at a price…


Ye Gods! 7 player (4 women, 3 men) Downloadable
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A storm is brewing on the cloudy top of Mount Olympus, home of the gods, and mortals glance up its woody heights in fear. Zeus, the leader of the gods, has demanded the presence of the most capricious, glamourous and unpredictable of the deities at a mysterious dinner party. Intrigue, passions and jealousies abound. Ye Gods! They are an evil bunch!