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Cider with Roguery

Cider with RogueryMurder in 1980s Bristol moy luvver!

Downloadable Games

Downloadable GamesYou can play today! Just download and print off yourself. Comes with full instructions.

Games of Different Eras

Games of Different ErasFrom the roaring 20s to the mulleted 80s, murder is never out of fashion

Hen Night/All girl

Hen Night/All girl
Fancy dress, playing games, hen nights can be murder

Live Mean, Die Nasty

Live Mean, Die NastySharp shoulder pads, and even sharper knives in 1980s Texas

Murder at Down-at-Heel Abbey

Murder at Down-at-Heel AbbeyIt is 1926 and Marchioness Emilia Malade is hosting a weekend houseparty at Down-at-Heel Abbey. She has invited various improvingspeakers and guests with the hope of establishing a reputation forinteresting house-parties. Her idea is that this will attract rich youngmen to visit and meet her daughters, fall in love and restore thefortunes of the Abbey . But now all her plans are up in smoke for thenew estate manager, Mr Aix, has been murdered by the Temple ofVenus in the grounds, which will create quite a different attraction. Asthe party wait for the police they wonder, who committed Murder atDown-at-Heel Abbey?