What if one of my guests drops out the night before? Or I'm so popular I have more guests?

You need to have all the characters present for the script and host notes that you have been purchased to work. You have the option of one of the other guests doubling up and playing their part too, although you are likely to lose some of the authenticity and we don't really recommend it. Our first suggestion would be to phone round some friends and try to recruit a last minute replacement, and help them out with their costume.

Alternatively, if we have another version of the same story available for the reduced number or extended number you require, we can email you the new script and host notes within 24 hours for a nominal fee of £5.

If you require the story for a number of guests that has not been written yet, we may be able to accomodate your request, but will require more details, time and there will be an additional cost. Contact us to find out if we can accomodate your request