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Live Mean, Die Nasty 8 player Downloadable
£ 15.99($ 21.04)

It is 1985 in Texas and dark deeds are afoot in the world of waste. One week before the Annual Soil Barons’ Ball, rivals in sewage management, CEOs of Holeby Holdings and Harrington Industries have gathered at the lavish home of Keith Harrington to discuss the Ball and recent events in the industry. International fitness guru, Jane Newton-Fondler is being presented to the assembled guests as the new celebrity face of the Association. Just as the night gets underway, the host takes a call. Retiring President of the Soil Barons’ Association, Jason George Ark III, has been found dead in his office. There is a mysterious note written in his own handwriting lying next to the body. Was it suicide? Or has there been foul play? Are you ready to discover…who shot Jay Ark?